Amorphophallus glaucophyllus

Here's another Ebay purchase.  I've purchased this same plant with three different names.  It was listed as Amorphophallus "Burma".  Another time, I purchased an identical plant labeled as Amorphophallus "Silver Leaf".  Last of all, I purchased another identical plant (mis)labeled as Amorphophallus obscurus.  They're all identical and as per Wilbert Hetterscheid, they're all now properly labeled as Amorphophallus glaucophyllus.

One cultural tip:  if you live in a cold area as I do, and if the first snow has fallen and it's below freezing outside, make sure your plant has been safely inside for several weeks already.  I've lost all of these unless the one unlabeled tuber coming out of dormancy right now happens to be this.  If you happen to have an extra of this plant, please contact me.  (Incidentally, check out the wrong labels.)