Amorphophallus - unknown species

Unknown #1
this plant looks something like a
paeoniifolius but the petiole is smooth
and a bit darker.  It's a strong grower.



Unknown #2
Here's one that remained
dormant until mid August.
It's tiny and hopefully will
grow sufficiently to survive
the winter dormancy.


Unknown #3
This was dormant until late August when it sent
up a shoot which has proved to be an inflorescence.
I'll take more photos daily until the bloom is open.
Hopefully I can get an ID from the bloom.
Identified as possibly "operculatus"... 4 days later
the bloom is still not bloom.  5 days later I gave up
and sliced it open for proper ID.  On the 6th day,
there is some pollen, then I broke off the bloom
and shot photos of the tuber.


Unknown #4
This has been growing all season.  The yellow dots
on the lamina certainly look something like a mite
infestation but I haven't treated for mite and I
don't see any mites. 


Unknown #5
The lamina has begun to deteriorate
so I'm not photographing it.  Besides
I burned it pretty badly in sunlight
hoping to grow a large enough tuber
to bloom next year.  I had a
napalensis and yunanensis.  One died
the other survived, both labels fell
off.  This is one of those two. 
Identified as napalensis.