Anthurium "Crystal Hope"

abessei.jpg (23047 bytes)I purchased this plant from Home Depot where it was labeled 6" tropical.   I recognized as an Anthurium but had absolutely no idea which. 

I contacted a few people in Aroid listserver and was advised that it was probably Anthurium "Crystal Hope" which is a small Anthurium clarinervium.

Besides a size difference, the greatest difference between this and clarinervium is the texture of the leaves.  Those of clarinervium have a little more substance and are longer.  This leaf is slightly thinner and the leaves are relatively wider.  It's also a short plant.  The leaf depicted is one of the largest.  I would have included a photo of the whole plant but just spent some time pruning and before I knew it left far too many holes.

Repotted and ready for some blistering heat in the next few days, I expect the plant to recover well.  I can't complain for the $6.95 Home Depot charged me.