Anthurium "Violet Tapers"

I purchased this from the Glasshouse Works in July, 1997.  The flowers and leaves make it look like a cross between an andreanum and a scherezianum.  The light lavendar is a color I hadn't seen in anthuriums before.

IN00647_.WMF (2190 bytes)May, 1998, alas, spider mites and an indoor winter have ravaged the plant.  What remains is a spindly dying leaf.  I would predict that the plant has bitten rather than having grown in the proverbial dust.  I did like it and will probably try again when my greenhouse is finally built.  For those of you north of the tropics and without greenhouses, I certainly can't recommend this plant.

June 1998  I'm told that it's a hybrid of Anthurium amnicola which is responsible for the violet-pink color.  I've broken down and placed an order for a new one.  I'd like to think that this next winter will be slightly less deadly to this variety.