AroidsAlocasia "blackie"

When I began this project, my plants were for the most part quite young because I hadn't  begun collecting aroids seriously until 1996.  Anyway, keep posted and you'll see some growth (hopefully) as the plants get older.

If I'm way off on any data or if you have any suggestions, please do contact me at .  (Incidentally, the vertical lines in that address are all the letter "L" in lower case.  The address was loaded as a jpg to try to cut down on spam.)

Click on any of the plants listed below to see my collection


updated January 3, 2001
Aglaonema created September 4, 2005
Amorphophallus updated September 3, 2007


updated July 14, 1998


updated August 30, 2007


Sauromatum updated July 5, 2016
Fall Tuber Preparation
Edible Aroids updated July 14, 1998

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