Parkland Formula for Burn Fluid Management 

Body weight in kg: 

% 2nd & 3rd burn: 

24 hour total of fluids =

total over 1st 8 hours =

total per hour 1st 8 hours =

Remember that this fluid management formula is only a guideline.   Furthermore, this fluid regimen does not include normal maintenance fluids.   Fluid management must be individualized.  Additional parameters for fluid management include urine output & systemic blood pressure. 

The 24 hour formula is
fluids for 24 hours = (4
х kg х  %burn) [2nd & 3rd added together]
with 1st 50% of that total in the first 8 hours and the 2nd 50% over the following 16 hours.

Helpful diagrams:

  1. Infant burns

  2. Hand burns

  3. Facial burns


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