How to Access your SBM Desktop, FirstNet, or PACS from Home

First log onto Citrix from home:

In case you don't have the link, it's this:

The first screen you see gives you this
Enter your usual username/password that you use while in SBM


Click on that will give you this screen. For FirstNet or your U-drive, you need the icon on the right, "SBM Windows 7 Desktop".


You now have access to FirstNet or your Personal Drive; the system is essentially the same for all
If you want to access PACS, click here, otherwise, for FirstNet or your U-Drive, continue:


Be patient, it's coming. You may even have failed resulting in an error screen,



just keep trying if you find the error screen.
It has taken 4 attempts to get to this. Fortunately, each attempt takes only a couple seconds
it does eventually give you the following:


Notice: You can now access FirstNet by clicking the FirstNet icon.
But to access your U-drive, just click the "Start" button on The lower left corner of the screen:
That will give you this screen:


Click on "Computer" in the upper right hand corner (under your name) and that will result in the following screen:

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