How to find a record of external pages

First find the "Oncall Switchbord" link on your FirstNet Desktop:

After clicking "Oncall Switchboard", you'll find a "Log In" link in the upper right hand corner:

Log In with your usual Username & Password
The following screen will give you three options - click "Personal"

Clicking "Personal" will give you the option of "Reports"

Now you have the option to "Select Report".
Note, the drop down list will give only one option and that's "My Transactions"
Choose it

You've logged on so you now have the option to choose transactions for yourself
It's unlikely you want transactions *For* yourself - you've most likely gone here to find transactions *By* yourself
Use the drop down list to choose "Transactions By"

You've now chosen "Transactions By"
Set your Starting & Ending Date & Time
Here's an example of the type of the resulting report you'll receive

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