How to Access your U-Drive from an SBM Computer

The vast majority of computers will give you access to your own personal space on the SBM Computer system. This space has been assigned the U-Drive.

A few computers have failed. Upon clicking this, it will appear that someone else's U-Drive is the one connected despite yourself having logged on. Clicking their U-Drive will fail. You can't access it even though it's there. If yours is the one that has failed on the computer, don't fear, no one else can access it although your name is there.

You have only two options then. You can either go to another computer and try again or else you can call the Help Desk (4-4357) and ask them to repair the computer.


Clicking on "My Network and Shared Drives" should give you the following screen:

You can save files to the U-Drive and access at a later date from either work or even from home

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