Alocasia x amazonica

I purchased this at a local greenhouse on Long Island in July, 1997 and find it growing steadily and easily.

I had previously obtained one in 1996.  I tried planting it in the ground and found that slugs consider it a treat.  I put it into a pot and forgot it outside after the nights were dipping into the 30s.  The slime I brought indoor just wouldn't put out any new growth and I finally gave up.

This past summer, I found one empty pot in my plant collection that had some root-like material in it.  I watered it thinking it might be a Xanthosomia I had lost track of.  Finally, in September, I found the 1996 amazonica sprouting.  So despite the 1996 torture, the plant itself has apparently survived.  I've brought both of them in in time this year and will even be able to start taking offsets soon.


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